WEEK 9!!!

TOPIC 1: MUSIC'S INFLUENCE --  1It was when I first moved into the dorms my freshman year, my roommate and I were in a girl we had recently met hanging out. There was four of us total, my roommate and I and the two other girls who were also roommates. They were playing music off the speaker in their room, I wasn’t paying much mind to the music until this song Molly Cyrus started playing. It was fine and then I heard crude words that were irregular from normal rap music. I was not offended but my roommate and I couldn’t help but look at one another in disbelief that these girls knew every word. 
2I was blown away, my roommate and I both went to high school, and middle school, and elementary school together. Where we grew up, the outskirts of Portland in a more rural area. We would of never listened to something with so much profanity. The songs curse words aren’t even that extreme it’s the sex and drugs that surprised us. 
3 My top five artists that I enjoy listening to would have to …

Week 8 !!

Part 1
1Do you see any books on the ALA list that you've read or know about? List some of them and what you thought of the book.
  I looked more at the 2015 and lower years, as that is when I was in high school and would of ben checking books out from a high school library. However I saw lots of books repeated, and found it funny some of the books were even ones we read as a class. For instance, Looking for Alaska was apart of the curriculum for Juniors in my high school. As well as The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini and The Perks of Being a Walflower were books apart of suggested reading lists my school provided. I think these books are all age appropriate, and contain good content for high school aged readers. Parents are prudent, and naive if they do not think their children are watching movies based on these books, or movies in which contain worse things.   2What’s your take on limiting access to various books and other materials in public schools or local libraries? Do objectio…

Lion// Media Project #2

1.  INTRODUCE your subject. Tell why you chose this particular movie, book or recording. Why does it stand out? Is it in the news? Include a movie trailer or picture from the film; or a photo of the author or the book cover; or a YouTube video of the artist performing one of her/his songs.  Select a visual element that stands out!

While doing my typical Sunday night netflix-ing bing this past week, I stumbled across a movie in the popular now section titled Lion. I had seen it in my suggested of you category a few times, but never paid much mind to it. This time however I decided to at least read the synopsis the kind workers of Netflix had written. What I found was this,  “An Indian man who was separated from his mother at age 5 and adopted by an Australian couple returns home, determined to find his birth family.” It intrigued me. I also saw it was an hour and 58 minutes, which is a rather long movie. I was considering it, reviewing who was in the movie not that I know many actor or ac…

Blog Post Week 6

Where do you get your local news?
I do not subscribe to the local news, or newspaper because for one the newspaper is delivered to my work. And for two I do not dedicate enough time, or get enough enjoyment out of reading the newspaper to pay money to have it delivered to me each day and waste all that paper. However I do at times read online articles from various towns online. I feel living on a college campus, in a college town I see things shared and posted on a variety of social media platforms and I go from there. As well as I receive emails when something occurs on campus, and from there I can further research it if I so wish. When there is talk of an event or some situation that occurs on campus, I generally get as much information from the original source or person and then continue to further research that. 
Many publications, both local and national, now have paywalls/online subscriptions to support their business and reporting operations. Do you subscribe to any online news s…

Week 5

1After seeing the documentary "RiP! A Remix Manifesto," what did you find most interesting/surprising/alarming in the video as it relates to the First Amendment or freedom of expression? Please cite an EXAMPLE or two from the documentary, AND relate it to your own experience.
The freedom or lack there of within the constitution is surprising and in some ways alarming. If I were to tell a secret to an entire room, I wouldn’t be able to reasonably be upset for people repeating or sharing that information. By sharing that with them it then became just as much their knowledge as mine. Which is exactly how I view the music industry. If you are going to get on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of people. You should not be so alarmed and upset by the fact that your music is being used and shared, as you shared it with them. When Jamie Thomas spoke of downloading a total of 24 songs, and how doing that action turned her life upside down. That shocked me to be completely honest.…

Blog Project 1

13 Reasons Why

Summary: Hannah Baker attends your everyday American high school. Hannah created seven tapes in which are audio suicide tapes. On the first tape, she tells her listeners that she holds each of them individually responsible for her death in one way or another. After each person responsible listens to all seven tapes, they pass them on to the next. She also created a map for the listeners to use so they can physically follow her story. The story is mainly narrated by Hannah’s thoughts and actions. The seven tapes contain thirteen different stories. One for each person that she mentally held accountable for her suicide attempt. Essentially many different interactions occurred between her and her fellow peers, in which were negative interactions. She even reached out to her school councilor who seemed unhelpful. Which Rochelle Garnet from Rye NY saw that it may discourage adolescents from seeking help. Portraying that school counselors and adults are useless and unhelpful to…